Emmett Technique 

This is so wonderful, I love your treatments. They have helped me so much from reducing my pain and in some cases the treatments have gotten rid of my pain altogether. I will never forget the moves you did on my toe to relieve  the pain in my hip and lower back. Also you helped my Arthritis a lot. I am looking forward to coming back to you soon. Thank you, Thank you very much.

Evelyn Vunk -Hillsboro Oregon 


Emmett Technique 

I had injured my shoulder and ended up in urgent care. All I got from them were pain pills that didn't help. After sleeping sitting up for 4 nights due to severe pain lying down, I went to see Elizabeth. Within 24-hours of my Emmett session, the pain had subsided and I was back sleeping in my bed! Kathie North Plains, OR


EmmTech short course

Amazing simple to understand course to help with your own self care or care of your loved ones! Hands on so you really understand, see & feel the benefits of the Emmett Technique! I highly recommend it!!
Debbie  -Beaverton Oregon


Emmett Technique course

Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher and practitioner; I participated in Module 3 Emmett Technique  training with Elizabeth as the instructor.  I found her presentations and explanations to be extremely clear, precise and focused.  I especially value the way in which she met each student at their own level and answered every question presented to her authentically and informatively.  Her healing touch as a practitioner is also amazing.  
-Scott Silverston, Founder -Kauai


Emmett Technique course

The Emmett technique has been an interesting learning experience. I have completed Module 3 with Elizabeth and found the review and learning the new moves was clear and understandable. She took the time to explain and show us the correct position and gave hints to get a good move to produce a response.

 I was the model for the diaphragm  move and  felt that I did not have any issues with breathing. To my surprise my breathing  actually improved into the upper areas of my lungs.  I could actually feel the change in less than a minute! 

I look forward to taking the next modules and learning more moves to help others as well as yourself stay healthy and mobile.  Thank you Elizabeth and Ross Emmett!

Carol - Hawaii


Emmett Technique 

At my age I often experience balance issues. The Emmett technique that Elizabeth uses works right away to restore my balance and alleviates any anxiety I may have about falling. It is quick and efficient.

P.P- Forest Grove Oregon 




My son was working at a stressful job, for him. He began to notice a weakness in his left leg and soon he could not lift it to take a step. He went to several doctors and specialists, had 2 MRI's even a test to check electrical connections in his leg, very painful. No one could find a reason for this condition nor a solution.

A good friend gave him a gift certificate for a Bowen treatment with Elizabeth. After just one treatment he felt his leg was stronger. After a few treatments he no longer needed his crutches. Bowen is wonderful, without painful procedures, expensive and time consuming appointments my son was walking and moving like normal!!! He also has been helped with migraines, chest and back pain. 

My husband and I gave it a try and found relief for some of our ills...my back and knee, my husband's feet.

We have recommend Bowen with Elizabeth to our family, friends. 

LL -Beaverton Oregon