Welcome to Anew muscle therapy

Covid19  Guidelines


Just a few reminders when you arrive:


1) wear your mask ( must wear to receive treatment)


2) Your temperature will be taken at the door


3) Hand sanitize your hands When you arrive and leave your appointment


4) Answer mandatory health questions


5) sign Mandatory consent waiver at every appointment 


6) avoid bringing extra items


7) come alone ( parent can accompany minor children)


8) please be patient with the new rules, they are new to me too.


If you need a mask? Forest Grove Police station has a tree with free masks, you can grab one there 😊

I also have some extra available if you need one


I take 60 minutes to clean between clients and change into new scrubs between clients, I have two rooms I alternate from....and air filters in both room...



If you have any questions About the above changes please feel free to contact me with your concerns




Thank you again for your support , I’m looking forward to seeing you at your appointment