Anew Muscle Therapy

About Me

Elizabeth  graduated from East West College Beaverton Campus 2004, She has been a licensed Massage therapist since March 9,2005.(ORLIC #11715 , a Emmett practitioner 2017 , EmmTech Short course instructor 2018 ,Full Emmett Instructor 2019 mod 1-6, certified Bowenwork practitioner 2007, MSTR 2019

Elizabeth has lived and worked in Forest Grove for over 30 years and loves the small town feel of this area.  She became a licensed massage therapist to help people manage their pain and stress, graduating from East West College of Healing Arts in 2004. 


Elizabeth loved giving her clients Hot Stone massages as well as using other techniques to relieve pain. In 2017 she discovered the Emmett Technique when it was first introduced to the United States by the founder, Ross Emmett. After completing 2 1/2 years of coursework and training she is now a Full Instructor of the technique. 


Besides teaching professional therapists, Elizabeth also offers a short course for laymen, which teaches participants how to help family and friends. The course is great for sportspeople, coaches, fitness instructors, and many others. Students see many changes in body function and experience aha moments about the body's reactions to the Emmett Technique.


I treat pain and discomfort quickly